SDGs in the context of social sustainability in a bio-based economy


Sustainability, Social Science, SDGs


Is the bioeconomy socially sustainable?
Is social sustainability adequately addressed by the SDGs?
Does the bioeconomy contribute to social sustainability in terms of the SDGs?
And what social aspects are relevant in the bioeconomy?


These questions arise, as social aspects play a major role in the transition from a fossil-based to a bio-based economy and will impact the acceptance of new land management practices. The United Nations SDGs, as generally accepted and prioritized Sustainable Development Goals, are intended to pave the way towards a more sustainable future. That‘s why we want to investigate the role of the SDGs in light of an emerging bioeconomy, bio-based products and connected land use patterns.

Methodischer Zugang

(1) Literature review on social sustainability and bioeconomy
(2) Definition of Social Sustainability in the context of the SDGs
(3) Social perception on the contribution of a bioeconomy to the fullfillment of the SDGs
(4) The SDGs in the context of Social Life Cycle Assessment


We are looking for a highly motivated master student (UBRM, NAWARO, AW, FW, NARMEE, ENVEURO, LAP), who is interested in the topic of social research in the context of bio-based value chains and land use change. Experience in empirical economic and social research is desirable.

If your are interested, please send a short e-mail with your motivation to work on the respective topic and your study background (CV) to DI Daniela Fürtner (

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Deadline for applications: 31.10.2021

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Gewünschte Ferstigstellung/Dauer: 9 months from the beginning
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